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Capital: Hamilton

Climate: tropical; rainy season (June to December)

Currencies: Bermudian dollar

Language: English (official)

Population: 65,331

Size: 53.2 km² (20.54063 sq. miles)

Bermuda is Britain's oldest colony and is a dream holiday and residential destination, with its pink, sandy beaches, clear turquoise seas and picturesque old colonial towns. It is an archipelago comprised of approximately 200 coral islands and islets located 650 miles (1,045km) off the east coast of America in the Atlantic Ocean. The bulk of the country consists of the seven main islands linked to each other by causeways and bridges and stretches just 20 miles (32km) from tip to tail. The combination of shallow waters and coral reefs which caused many shipwrecks in the past, contributed to the 'Bermuda Triangle' legend, which spans from Bermuda to Florida and Puerto Rico. However, the reefs offer an ideal playground for swimming, snorkelling, and diving.

Most visitors to the islands are American citizens who fondly think of it as quintessentially English in character, whilst British visitors feel it has a strongly American flavour. In truth, Bermuda's distinct atmosphere is a blend of influences from both American and British traditions which have merged with local island culture to result in the uniqueness of Bermuda.

Bermuda has now become a centre of high finance as well as one of the world's most coveted holiday destinations. Generous tax advantages and satellite communications have attracted a steady stream of major corporations to set up offices on the island, thus helping the country to become one of the richest, per capita countries, in the world.

Bermuda’s property market has been carefully developed to prevent overcrowding and its exclusive appeal and peaceful, relaxed and elegant atmosphere has been carefully maintained. As return2caribbean architectural design and build services features a vast selection of design styles and high-end amenities such as swimming pools, verandas, decks and rooftop gazebos, to name but a few to ensure your dream property is made according to your specifications. We will work with reputable local property developers, architects and construction companies on the island on your behalf, to help you either invest in an existing property or design and build your own vacation &/or investment property.

Our return2caribbean team will regularly update you at every stage of the relocation process. On arrival, you will be met by a return2caribbean representative who will take you to your new property as pre-arranged. Our extensive concierge services and friendly, professional staff will have you settled and relaxed in no time, allowing you to immediately begin enjoying your new home without hassle or stress.

When it comes to build and design, return2caribbean will ensure your new dream home will definitely fit into your dream location! Make return2caribbean your first stop to relocate your home or business to your dream island destination. From design and build, to storage, to flight and accommodation, return2caribbean are here for you


Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists heading for Virginia. Self-governing since 1620, Bermuda is the oldest and most populous of the British overseas territories, as referendum on independence from the UK was soundly defeated in 1995.  Vacationing to the island to escape UK and North American winters first developed in Victorian times.  Tourism continues to be important to the island’s economy, accounting for about 5% of Bermuda’s GDP.  However, the growth of its international business, which consists primarily of reinsurance and other financial services, which is the real bedrock of Bermuda’s economy, consistently accounting for about 85% of the island’s GDP, and is the primary reason why Bermuda has developed into a highly successful offshore financial centre.

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